A selection of my favourite and current projects.

1 space to make my own
My own space: Moving from a lovely large modern flat to a bedroom within a shared flatshare at the beginning of 2013 is going to take some getting used to. However, this does present an opportunity to create a really personalised space. I’ll be blogging about the transformation from generic empty bedroom to über productive, creative, relaxing and ME-ish space in which to live.

5 k to run
Training for a 5K: Part of my mission to become fit and healthy is to run the Resolution 5K around Cramond Foreshore in March 2013. I ran the same one last year, but thanks to shin splints and half-hearted training I really didn’t do my best. This year I’m aiming simply to beat last year’s time.

10 unfinished craft projects
My Working List: Since I am terrible at ever actually finishing projects, I’ll be focussing on completing ten craft projects at a time. Right now I have chosen to work on:

  • Typography painting
  • Knitted scarf
  • A photo album for Laura
  • Clipboard decor
  • Pattern book
  • Wax crayon painting
  • Mixed paper minibooks
  • Handmade cards
  • Postcard wall art
  • Font book

13 books in 13
13 in ’13: I’ll be aiming to complete one book every four weeks as part of little white dove’s reading challenge for the year. I’m yet to select my thirteen, but considering I have a whole list of unfinished books, I won’t be short of options.

30 Days of Lists
30 Days of Lists: September 2012’s book of lists was the biggest craft project I’ve committed to and finished in a while. It inspired me so much creatively that I’ll be doing the same project in March 2013 and posting list pages, discoveries and inspiration here.

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