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Recitethis screenshot

I’ve been meaning to post about for ages – this site started up last summer and is an exceptionally cool tool for turning quotes, expressions or personal mantras into visually interesting images. It’s oh so simple to use, although may take a few attempts to render the image as it does seem to get stuck on ‘Connecting 0%’ if you’re an Internet multi-tasker (so, top tip: give it your undivided attention for a moment or two). Your creation can then be shared on a variety of mediums including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or can be downloaded for your own use.

I had a little fun with some Ogden Nash quotations, a hilarious genius if ever there was one.

Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker
Ogden Nash happiness
Ogden Nash parsley
Ogden Nash panther
Ogden Nash waxed the floor
Ogden Nash weaker sex

For a huge range of examples, check out Pinterest for SO MANY Recite This generated images, including a good mix of inspiring and hilarious expressions.

I’d love to hear if anyone has a go themselves!


Ah, the alliteration.

Here are some funky freebies I’ve been collecting from different corners of the Internet to mark the beginning of 2013 and with which you can mark off the days that follow! Click the images or links below to visit the crafty creators’ pages…

Sweet New Year calendar
Free Printable “Sweet New Year” calendar by Amy Ross of Eat Drink Chic – download it here.

january2013 calendar 91 magazine
January desktop background (let’s just pretend we’re not half way through already) from 91 magazine – here (via Heart Handmade).

The Best is Yet to Come
Love Party Printables’ 2013 calendar is downloadable from Catch My Party here, and there’s a whole set of matching party printables there too!

Love Mae downloadable desktops
These downloadable desktops are released each month from Love Mae, one of my favourite blogs that makes me feel unashamedly girly. Get January’s here or wait a while for the brilliant March design which will instantly be at home on my laptop!

That’s all for today, have amazing weekends folks!

It’s so hipster it hurts, and it’s owned by Facebook, but there is something just so addictive about Instagram. I am not one to take photos of my food (often) or my feet or my newly manicured nails, but I love seeing the everyday ‘behind the scenes’ shots of all the super creative people I have at one point or another stumbled across on Instagram.

Quite a few of my Insta-pals were acquired through the 30 Days of Lists project, when Instagram became the only thing I would reliably update as soon as I’d finished a page (according to my Flickr, I am still only half way through – oops! That’s an update to add to my December goals list!). One of those, Schona Kessler (@schonakessler), hosts sporadic Project Life tag swaps for between 15-20 people. Essentially, each person involved makes a batch of matching 3×4 tags and sends them to Schona, and in return receives one of everyone else’s creations. It’s a fun and interactive way to swap ideas and gain a selection of new tags for scrap-booking or Project Life. I don’t do either of those things much, but happened to catch a new #pltagswap as it happened and couldn’t resist getting involved.

I sent off my own handmade tags, inspired by the Steranko illustrated Superman backgrounds and similar to those made for the giveaway, but with a ridiculous amount of cutting out and in a much larger volume! And in exchange I got these beauties. These came all the way from the US, which meant that while other participants were getting all excited about their handmade paper goodies, I was anxiously checking the post every day to find only bills and takeaway menus! But now they are here, and I intend to put them to good use… maybe my next 30 Days of Lists? March is only a few months away now after all!

Instagram pltagswap

Check out the #pltagswap on Instagram for all the details if you want to know more!

3D paper owl by 3EyedBear

I made this little creature yesterday afternoon while watching Star Wars and drinking tea. He’s made from a free printable download from 3EyedBear, a website by Dutch comic- and animation-designer Maarten Janssens. The latest downloads on the site are friendly house elves which I suspect could double up as Santa’s elves.

So, now I just have to find a name for my new owly pal. I think he might look like a Gerald.

>>> This is post 21 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

Soon I will give up my current lifestyle of Friday night hedonism. If not because it is bad for my health, totally detracts from my weight loss goals and is also pretty expensive, then because I would love to regain my Saturdays. For me, hangovers aren’t exactly a Hollywood adventure.

hollywood hangover stripgenerator

Fun and japes and tigers and adventures? No no no. This is my hangover reality:

the reality of hangovers stripgenerator

These comic strips were created with Stripgenerator, a very cool tool which allows you to publish your own strips online alongside an entire community of very creative people making much more exciting strips than these ones.

And now I will resume my current (entirely unproductive, but definitely therapeutic) activities of junk food eating, film watching and cuddling on the sofa.

>>> This is post 13 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

I’ve recently joined COLOURlovers, which is a community site with all the tools needed to create, share and appreciate stunning colours, pallets, and patterns. You can create your own pattern templates to colour with a particular pallet or by selecting random shades as you go. Below I’ve coloured a couple of my own templates, ‘All the chevrons‘ and ‘Tripoli‘.

Which Way

Ice Cream Flavours

Alternatively you can decorate other Colour Lovers’ pattern templates with your own colour choices, or even a complete colour pallet you’ve created yourself, so that you could create a series of patterns with the same colour combinations, or the same patterns with completely different colours.

Colours of October
Colour Lovers Fantastic


Another cool feature of the Colour Loving website is the PHOTOCOPA tool, which allows you to generate a pallet by picking colours from an image or photograph. Here are a couple of illustrations from my Pinterest board of Children’s Book Illustrations have been turned into colour pallets titled ‘VOOM’ and ‘Elephant / Bad Baby’.

Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss VOOMColours of ZOOM

The Elephant and the Bad Baby
Colours of Elephant Bad Baby

The best bit is that these colour combinations and patterns don’t have to remain on the screen – COLOURlovers is partnered with Spoonflower, Imagekind and Moo (I LOVE their business cards) so it’s possible to print personalised fabric, canvases or cards featuring your designs. I am seriously tempted to get some of the chevron patterned fabric to create a personalised cushion sometime – once I’ve learned how to sew it, that is.

The COLOURlovers blog is also worth a read – this post dissecting the colour make-up of many of the year’s movie posters reveals the domination of various shades of grey. Could this be an unexpected E. L. James effect?!

>>> This is post 9 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

My Google Reader has been overwhelmed by beautiful graphics and illustrations in the last few days, some incredible, many humorous. And here are I few I wanted to share with you:

Seen on designworlklife, a series of posters for the Charleston Ballet Theatre incorporate ballet shoes into scenes from The Nutcracker, Dracula, The Wizard of Oz and more. These are a couple of my favourites: Snow White and Yes! It’s Gershwin.

Via Flavorwire: artist Fernando Vincente turns beautiful maps into beautiful paintings, in such an elegant style it makes you wish the world really was that shape.

And now to Westeros! Via The Mary Sue – Nike designer Darrin Crescenzi has illustrated all the sigils from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and it’s very cool to see them all together. Some are not quite how I’d imagined, particularly the Stark sigil, which looks a little underwhelming for a menacing direwolf, but the use of gold foil makes the Greyjoy, Lannister and Payne sigils eye-catchingly brilliant. See the full set or buy prints here.

From the small screen to the big screen: Removies is a Tumblr of posters for movies with one letter removed, including Dawn of the Dad or Ill Bill. Very clever, funny, and beautifuly illustrated. Found thanks to Hey U Guys.

And in a similar vein, Laughing Squid directed me over to Better Book Titles, where Dan Wilbur and readers alter book covers to more closely reflect the content. You really can judge a book by it’s cover when the title tells you everything you need to know. Above: The Very Hungry Caterpillar aka Eat Until You Feel Pretty and the beautiful and hilarious I Want My Hat Back remastered as If Someone Lies To You, Murder Him And Lie About Murdering Him.

Finally, the Tragedy Series illustrations are “Depictions drawn from regrettable accounts of the less fortunate for purposes of instruction; so that one may avoid similar missteps.” They are totally bizarre and unpredictable, but very funny and so well put together. Read the tags for extra hilarity.

For some unknown reason, I couldn’t sleep in this morning. I desperately want a lie-in! But once I’m wide awake, I’m wide awake.

So I got up and made the latest Scout Creative 3D paper calendar. They’re super simple, only require some sharp scissors, glue, and sometimes a craft knife, and they’re a fun way to add some colour to a boring bookshelf or desktop, with an added function of actually being a calendar! The designs are completely different month to month, and you can sign up for an email which notifies you when there’s a new calendar design available.

Here’s my latest calendar hanging out in front of a bookshelf with August’s creation.

debbiedoesdoodles | Scout Creative calendar of the month August September

There are many ways to customise your own Internet experience. Personally I use Google Reader to keep up with the blogs I like to read regularly, Delicious to bookmark favourite pages, and post-it notes to remember the passwords for work related sites that I rarely use.

But sometimes, I need the Internet to come to me. So I subscribe to a small number of favourite blogs via email too, and I get a daily mailshot of inspiration to stir up the creative juices.

Email Inspiration is a free service that sends you an email a day showcasing creative work in graphic design, illustration or photography. I’ve been subscribed to these daily emails for well over a year, and I’ve picked out a few of my favourites over the last three or four months here…

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