Monthly Archives: March 2016

Hello its me

Hello old friends, new friends, people who forgot I existed and all those who never even knew it!

For the last three years this blog lay dormant, since its gradual demise in early 2013 following the end of an old relationship and resulting life upheaval. I never really meant the break to last this long.

Life things happened – mostly brilliant life things – and this poor little blog became less and less of a priority in those infamous lists I do love to make.

Since then, every time a real life friend would ask me for my Instagram handle, the one social media crossover between blog-me and real-me, I would hesitate, and explain “well, it’s @debbiedoesdoodles, but listen, on my Instagram profile there’s a link to a blog. It’s this blog I set up years ago. It’s a bit emotional. Don’t read it.”

And close friends would suggest that maybe it would just make sense to remove the link to my blog from my Instagram? If I wasn’t blogging anymore? But I would tell them no no no, I’ll blog again.

So here I am, blogging again. Blogging at gone midnight after a long journey back to Edinburgh from Groningen in the Netherlands. Because all signs seem to be telling me to get back on the blogwaggon. Because I miss writing random stories or ideas and I miss seeing something cool and being able to share it with you here, and because I miss this strange platform of other ordinary people writing about their lives and their ideas and all sorts of incredibly diverse subjects that make up the blogosphere and the internet and LIFE and how did this get so deep already?

So the sudden overwhelming desire to blog again has led to these half past midnight ramblings with nothing better but Adele to illustrate the notion that “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet”.

But by meet, what I really mean is engage occasionally on this here blogging platform, and I promise not to stand around in the woods on a windy day because my hair would just be full of knots.

See you soon,

Debbie x