Excuses, excuses

Once its in you it never goes away

Earlier this month I was waxing on about being all committed to the upcoming 30 Days of Lists and my Working List of craft projects and my reading 13 Books in 2013 and my training for a 5K and making my bedroom my own and increasing the quality and quantity of blog posts. I still totally want to do all that stuff. That stuff is awesome stuff. But here’s what I’ve been doing instead this month, and I don’t even feel guilty about it:

  • Watching Scotland totally thrash Italy live in Murrayfield Stadium and partying it up afterwards with friends and strangers as if we all had a hand in the final score and weren’t just doing Mexican waves and cheering a lot.
  • Combining productive days doing exciting and useful things at work with fairly regular gym visits and feeling like one of those “work hard, play hard” arseholes.
  • Skyping friends and family and just loving seeing real faces talking and laughing instead of disembodied voices down a phone line.
  • Going to a brilliant Mardi Gras carnival in Edinburgh’s Summerhall with friends, wearing huge wings, dancing enthusiastically to big brass bands and sousaphones and admiring some amazing costumes on adults and children galore. Even cooler was that while the carnival was happening you could wander round the whole of Summerhall, an art studio, live music venue, workshop, brewery and community space, with the animal anatomy signs and ‘dissection theatre’ nodding to its previous life as a veterinary school. This photo shows part of an exhibit of Summerhall’s resident artist Stephen Thorpe, the neon sign “once it’s in you it never goes away” either beautifully optimistic or seriously depressing, depending on your take.
  • Pulling out a proper wiry grey hair and pretending that’s the only one there is.
  • Spending time with ladies. Remembering what makes a close group of females so special and getting so much enjoyment out of simple movie nights in hoodies, with wine and party rings and gossip.
  • Having lots of fun dating two men simultaneously (it’s OK if they know about it), but increasingly realising that I usually wake up thinking about the tall, bearded, Ghostbuster-quoting, hilariously bad joke-telling, self-confessed geek with the cheeky grin and gorgeous eyes. Whether this lasts or not, right now is pretty fun.

So, it’s the first of March and I don’t have list 1 of my 30 Lists finished. Clash of Kings is sitting half-read and neglected on my bedside table, there’s still an unpacked box hiding behind my room divider, and the one item I’ve finished off my Working List has already fallen apart twice before I’ve even had time to post photos of it here. And I’m off to a hen do this weekend, so don’t expect things to be changing round here too soon!

Bear with me, blog-readers; when I am back here properly like I want to be, at least I’ll have some cool stories to share. Service will resume as normal!

Debbie x

  1. Yay!! What a fabulous time you’re having!! Go and enjoy…..we’ll wait here………(well, not forever you understand!!!). All that other stuff can wait – you’re only young once! (Not even going to mention that g**y h**r!)

    • Hehe I will… and as for the hair, well at least there’s always hair dye!

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