Art Journalling

My love for Polish paper supplier Sodalicious is no secret, so it’s no surprise that I love their blog too, with its colourful layout ideas and art journal challenges.

It inspired me to start an art journal. Something to be messy in, to try things out and make mistakes. I am usually very controlled about art – everything is planned and measured, drawn up in pencil and templates. And being so controlled and striving for perfection often stops me from trying new things. And sometimes doesn’t feel so satisfying as just going for it. So, since I discovered through 30 Days of Lists that I am most creative and decisive when I have the pressure of a time limit, I have taken up the Sodalicious art journal challenge.

art journal cover
Now, so far my cover is distinctly un-messy. I covered the front of an A4 sketchpad with a wallpaper offcut and added some chipboard letters. It’s a little boring right now, but I imagine I’ll keep adding bits and bobs to it as I go.

The first art journal challenge of the year was to create something in the theme of ‘Something New’. So suitable for a New Year challenge, and great for me as I begin a whole new stage of my life. I created this page using almost entirely Sodalicious supplies, from the background paper to most of the letters, and even using a Sodalicious stencil for the chevron details. My favourite part was definitely flinging paint onto paper with wild abandon (while kneeling over my bath, since the messiness should probably be restricted to the page, rather than the walls).

Something new art journal challenge

Naturally after spending a few hours one afternoon creating this page of wishes and hopes for 2013, I forgot about it entirely until after the deadline passed. Ooooooops. So, before I do the same again, here is my entry for the art journal challenge number 19, with the theme ‘Brainstorm’

Brainstorm art journal challenge

I went for a more literal interpretation for this one. It’s funny timing – I was speaking on the phone to my Dad recently, who asked me what the weather was like in my head. My Dad is a bit of a weirdo so it didn’t seem like a particularly odd question – in fact we branched out into discussing the things that we keep in our heads too. Mine felt very heavy, like a grand piano; his felt rusty. These comments incurred strange looks from the strangers I was walking past in the street.

So, since the weather in my head is a little stormy lately, I’ve created my ‘brainstorm’ with black clouds moving across a blue sky, a jumble of thoughts, thunder, lightning. There’s a lot of paper scraps thrown in there, with bits ripped or cut out of magazines, messy paint, streaky yellow oil pastels, and some bold alphabet stickers. (I got a little ahead with myself with the month there though). Finally, a couple of Sodalicious elements by the way of chipboard embellishments to add a little geometric interest to the page. I like that this is messy – I stuck down lots of things without thinking about what came next and I grabbed what was to hand instead of sorting through my paper stash for co-ordinating patterns. I want to be even messier next time – that is my mission!

I definitely recommend art journalling for those looking for a little inspirational push – you may be surprised with how it all comes together!

    • Aw thanks Marie-Pierre! That’s very sweet of you! I have been terrible at acknowledging awards lately so will definitely be doing some kind of awards round-up in the next week or two 🙂 I am preparing my red carpet now… (and my six different outfits to change into) xx

  1. Love these! I am embracing messy as well. It’s kind difficult isn’t it? It does get easier. Try dripping and drabbling paint and ink on something waterproof (I use an old plastic table cloth on the floor) and the press the paper down on the plastic to pick up the paint/ink. It creates cool patterns and you don’t have to worry about paint on the walls! 🙂

    • That’s such a good tip! Definitely trying that out when I can find the time (and something suitably waterproof!). One for the next art journal challenge for sure!

  2. Fantastic!! Love it! You are soooo creative. Your Dad sounds such good fun – love the idea of weather in your brain! Looking forward to the next instalment.

    • Hehe he is indeed. Sometimes when I’m acting a little weird and get strange looks from people, I think “why am I doing this?” and then remember that I truly am my father’s daughter. Thinking of weather in your brain is a little addictive though! Try it out sometime 😉 (It is cool, but sunny today, in my brain)

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