Fun Freebies for Friday!

Ah, the alliteration.

Here are some funky freebies I’ve been collecting from different corners of the Internet to mark the beginning of 2013 and with which you can mark off the days that follow! Click the images or links below to visit the crafty creators’ pages…

Sweet New Year calendar
Free Printable “Sweet New Year” calendar by Amy Ross of Eat Drink Chic – download it here.

january2013 calendar 91 magazine
January desktop background (let’s just pretend we’re not half way through already) from 91 magazine – here (via Heart Handmade).

The Best is Yet to Come
Love Party Printables’ 2013 calendar is downloadable from Catch My Party here, and there’s a whole set of matching party printables there too!

Love Mae downloadable desktops
These downloadable desktops are released each month from Love Mae, one of my favourite blogs that makes me feel unashamedly girly. Get January’s here or wait a while for the brilliant March design which will instantly be at home on my laptop!

That’s all for today, have amazing weekends folks!

    • My pleasure! I’ve been browsing 91 Magazine since – definitely worth subscribing if you ever use issuu. SO many creative folk out there, so little time to visit them all!

  1. Helloooo! I’ve nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award because I think your blog is pretty awesome.xx

    • Thank you so much Corrie! Very sweet of you! I will acknowledge this properly very soon on the blog! (Plus one the lovely ladies of Popsicles and Pinatas awarded me yonks ago and I have been too easily distracted to write about!)

    • Thanks ladies/lady/person who blogs as if three Mexican ladies but could in fact be a thirteen year old Australian boy because this is the Internet and how do we ever know for sure…?! Oh dear, went off on a tangent there. Love your blog too – you ladies are serious fashionistas!

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