My Own Space

So, I moved! It was hard work. My arms ache and I am tired. But I am now finally in my new home for my fresh start. And the experience proved what I had already suspected: I have some of the best workmates in the world. A few kind friends brought their muscles, vehicles and enthusiasm to move my (surprisingly plentiful) piles of boxes and mismatched furniture from the comfortable modern flat that I’ve shared with the recent ex to the homely yet eccentric flat-share I’ll now be living in. Aside from the hours of sorting and packing beforehand, the entire move miraculously took just over an hour. And now I only have a few more hours of furniture assembly, rearranging and unpacking to do!

debbiedoesdoodles new space 1
debbiedoesdoodles new space 2
debbiedoesdoodles new space 3

This is my new bedroom – before all the boxes of possessions arrived! I love the large, light, bay windows and the beautiful fireplace, even if both are a little old and draughty. I also love the vintage light fitting at the entrance to my room, although I can’t figure out what one of the switches does!

The rest of the flat is equally quirky. Bookshelves line the hallway, including around the curved walls, and are filled with books from almost every genre. Which is likely to be handy for the 13 in ’13 reading challenge! An assortment of tea is stored in a fake sink with no taps, our food is kept in a walk-in pantry and the kitchen units contain collections of interesting teapots and cups and saucers. It’s a change for me to be in an old flat with it’s associated upkeep ‘niggles’, but it’s got lots of character and so far the flatmates seem friendly and fun. And fans of both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead! Result.

So, I plan to turn this space into somewhere I can both sleep and be creative – plans are afoot which I will share here as soon as possible. I absolutely love seeing how other people organise their creative spaces and I can’t wait to have a proper place of my own for creativity – even if it’s just a small corner and features an interesting whistle when the wind blows hard enough!

    • Yey thanks Olive! Fingers crossed it’s just going to get homey-er and homey-er… wait, think I made up a word there! Homey-er? Homier?!

  1. A bay window and a fire place is my idea of a dream room! it looks great!

    • Thank you! Definitely going to make a feature of the fire place – although I wish I could light an actual fire in it and curl up with a good book in front of it! Maybe I could borrow someone’s dog to really complete the image?!

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