A Farewell to Leith

debbiedoesdoodles | View of Leith

For the last four years I have lived in various different flats (of distinctly different levels of niceness) sharing with a brilliant selection of flatmates, all around Leith in Edinburgh. It has been an amazing four years. I’ve met some really genuine, insane, hilarious and interesting people, done some fascinating work and have absolutely loved living here.

This weekend I’m moving. It’s not far; I hope to still spend time with those great people and will still be doing a job that is different every day, as part of a supportive team that pulls together even when there’s no money and the days drag, and celebrates with enthusiasm and a huge amount of alcohol when something goes our way.

But for the first time in four years, I won’t be doing those things from Leith. Well, except my job, since that’s where I work. Oh, and drinking and eating, since that’s where some of Edinburgh’s best pubs and restaurants are nowadays. So really, it’s just that I won’t be living there. I’ll be an EH7 instead of an EH6 resident.

I’ve taken so many photos of Leith while I’ve been living here, mostly just using my iPhone as I walk around here and there and spot a view I like the look of. Here are those I’ve considered nice enough to share via Instagram over the last year or so, presented in gallery form which means that should you do desire, you can click to view them bigger:

Hopefully there’ll be a new selection of photographs to post here soon; those from my really quite lovely new place in Bellevue. I cannot wait to begin turning that empty room into my own home and forming new relationships with my new flatmates, who so far seem nice and friendly and not axe murderers. One can never be sure when it comes to people you meet over the Internet… 😉

  1. Good luck on your move and in your new flat! I love your city 🙂 Edinburgh is truly one of my favorite places and I hope to get back there again someday!

    • Thank you! Well after quite a bit of work it is done! Hooray!

      Let me know if you do return to Edinburgh and fancy catching up with a local! 🙂

  2. All the best for the move! My strongest memory of Edinburgh is a cold sunny evening sitting outside the kenilworth hotel in rose street drinking copious quantities of wine with my husband, talking and laughing ourselves silly! We were 5 weeks into our European trip…..and still enjoying each others company! Ah, happy memories – that’s 8 years ago this year!!

    • Haha sounds good – Rose Street is very nice but, just like anywhere, always made better with copious quantities of wine! I’m sure the city’s changed a lot in 8 years… but always cold, even when sunny!

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