All Things Must Pass

Moon over Prestwood

This has seemed like a month of transitions. And since life has been full of change and activity, all of my blog posts seem to have been catch-ups lately. But hopefully this is ok – there are new and exciting and creative things to come in 2013 which will be much more interesting and blog-worthy! This is my promise!

So I hope everyone’s Christmases were exactly what they needed. Mine was totally manic, each day leading up to Christmas was filled with activity and travelling and shopping and working through lists, and then the day itself as busy and hectic as the preceding days. My sister’s twin boys ripped open everyone’s presents for them in the quickest present-opening ever! Not caring what was inside the wrapping of course, even if it was theirs. We drank too much, we ate too much, we recorded all the brilliant Christmas day telly and have spent the last three days lazing around watching it, eating leftovers and going on the occasional muddy walk, working our way through my new New Girl boxset, drinking more, listening to Seasick Steve, playing Cluedo, laughing till we almost peed at the new season of Miranda, catching up with friends over the phone and Skype and having good conversations with family about the things that matter.

So, transitions. The acts of a theatre performance are separated by intervals, which allow the audience to relax, the actors to rest, and the settings to change. This Christmas has been an interval for me – when I return back to chilly Edinburgh my settings will be changing and my life will be different. Hopefully better. I am looking forward to the new year and all the possibilities 2013 brings. #reverb12 has provided some brilliant inspiration for this, with daily prompts such as “what will you let go of” and “how will you make time?” encouraging some active thought about what kind of life I choose to live. I don’t think these kinds of decisions necessarily happen automatically.

So for now, enjoy this middly-bit between Christmas and New Year! I think this period really needs a name of its own…. Boxing Week? New Year’s Eve Eve Eve…? Answers on a postcard!


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