Christmas Craft Envy

How quickly is December whizzing by! Christmas is less than three weeks away and the flurry of parties and nights out has begun – hooray! While I’m loving the more exciting social life this brings (and the German market that takes over the centre of Edinburgh throughout December), I am rather envious of the gorgeous minibooks and Christmas craftiness I’m seeing pop-up all over blogland. At some point in the next three weeks I’m hoping to find time to make something seasonal myself! In the meantime I am getting my fix on others’ creations like some kind of creepy crafty voyeur.

A few brilliant December minibooks here by ladies well known for their skills in documenting life! The start of Elise Blaha Cripe, Amy Tan and Ali Edwards’ December books below…

Elise Blaha December Holiday Minibook
Amy Tan December Daily
Ali Edwards December Daily

I do love the idea of a December Daily – capturing the build up to Christmas one day at a time. But unfortunately for me just now, sorting and packing and getting ready to move house just doesn’t lend itself to a month of crafting! And I’ll be travelling down south in a couple of weeks to spend time with my delightful family – so excited to spend time with the little ones whose growing up is mostly witnessed via Facebook and the sporadic family event.

So instead I am celebrating December through #reverb12, hosted by Kat of I Saw You Dancing, who is fresh out of hosting Blogtoberfest just over a month ago! Reverb looks back over the year through reflective prompts and provides some focus on the important stuff for the coming year. What works for me is that there’s no daily blogging requirement, no need to dedicate an hour of every evening to craft, just a prompt to think about and react to in whatever way that works. For me right now, that’s mostly just something to mull over as I walk to work in the morning, or as I sit on the bus en route to a meet up of some kind or another, probably involving mulled wine, possibly also rum. They go together so well, it’s almost criminal. This is how my December rolls!


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