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This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is to capture 2012 in just twelve photos. SO HARD choosing just twelve but these ones best sum up the moments or moods that have most stood out for me throughout this year. What I can’t sum up here is how brilliant blogging has been this year! What started as a fun idea in July became a bit of an obsession for the next few months, which I am absolutely dying to do more of in 2013.

Here’s to more adventures over the next twelve months. I will be taking part in little white dove’s 13 in ’13 reading challenge, organising my craft projects using a working list, and definitely doing at least one more month of 30 Days of Lists. AND moving into a lovely new flat, watching loads of exciting films, making new friends and spending time with old friends, going to some exciting places and making an actual effort to become fit and healthy!


Aaaaah, madness.


Moon over Prestwood

This has seemed like a month of transitions. And since life has been full of change and activity,Ā all of my blog posts seem to have been catch-ups lately. But hopefully this is ok – there are new and exciting and creative things to come in 2013 which will be much more interesting and blog-worthy! This is my promise!

So I hope everyone’sĀ ChristmasesĀ were exactly what they needed. Mine was totally manic, each day leading up to Christmas was filled with activity and travelling and shopping and working through lists, and then the day itself as busy and hectic as the preceding days. My sister’s twin boys ripped open everyone’s presents for them in the quickest present-opening ever! Not caring what was inside the wrapping of course, even if it was theirs. We drank too much, we ate too much, we recorded all the brilliant Christmas day telly and have spent the last three days lazing around watching it, eating leftovers and going on the occasional muddy walk, working our way through my new New Girl boxset, drinking more, listening to Seasick Steve, playing Cluedo, laughing till we almost peed at the new season of Miranda, catching up with friends over the phone and Skype and having good conversations with family about the things that matter.

So, transitions. The acts of a theatre performance are separated by intervals, which allow the audience to relax, the actors to rest, and the settings to change. This Christmas has been an interval for me – when I return back to chilly Edinburgh my settings will be changing and my life will be different. Hopefully better. I am looking forward to the new year and all the possibilities 2013 brings. #reverb12 has provided some brilliant inspiration for this, with daily prompts such as “what will you let go of” and “how will you make time?” encouraging some active thought about what kind of life I choose to live. I don’t think these kinds of decisions necessarily happen automatically.

So for now, enjoy this middly-bit between Christmas and New Year! I think this period really needs a name of its own…. Boxing Week? New Year’s Eve Eve Eve…? Answers on a postcard!

Continuing in the ‘all about me’ vein, I return from a week taken up by a weekend away and evenings of German markets and mulled wine with rum to share something totally me-focussed… and you thought this blog was about creativity, and life in Edinburgh, and other interesting things? Oh, you. Now, back to me…

I Saw You Dancing’sĀ Kat recently shared a lovely photo of her lovely self for #reverb12 with a prompt asking bloggers to select their favourite photo of themselves from 2012. Right now, that choice is easy. Here I am, less than a week ago, admiring a sunset over Tenerife with my great friend Sam. Life post-break-up is still not exactly back to normal (and won’t be until I am living in my new place at the beginning of next month, which I am OH SO excited about), but for now it is totally do-able. I had the best long weekend away; I read three and a half books in four days, got a vague hint of tan that could at first glance have been mistaken for just a thin layer of dirt, ate some (= too much) great paella and tapas and drank jugs of cold sangria.

Doing nothing in Tenerife

Here is what I have discovered in the last week of adventures, home and away:

  • Spanish playing cards only consist of 48 cards. There’s no queen, and the suits are clubs, coins, cups and swords. Patience and Rummy work just as well, but Hide the Queen would be never ending.
  • A drunk and easily led Debbie will ignore all warnings otherwise and happily take the coastal path back to the remote hotel resort in the dark in a foreign country, with only a camera’s flash to ward off the ‘ass banditos’ sure to be prowling.
  • A drunk and easily led Debbie will find that nicknaming potential attackers ‘ass banditos’ makes them infinitely moreĀ endearing.
  • In the south part of Tenerife, the sand is black. But hard. And will leave little marks all over your face if you fall asleep on it.
  • ‘No Diggity’ is probably the most addictive song in the world and therefore is sure to make a well deserved comeback just as soon as everyone watches Pitch Perfect and starts their own battling a cappella groups.
  • Mulled wine with rum is nicknamed ‘Heisse Liebe’ in German which translates to ‘hot love’. Which totally works, because it’s hot, and I love it.
  • ‘cz’ in Polish is pronounced like the ‘ch’ in ‘cheese’
  • Nobody knows where the Basque language came from.
  • One day in the distant future, we may replace food with New Hair, and that would be a shame.
  • There is a real life reindeer in St Andrew’s square right now, which I intend to visit tomorrow.

Guess where I am right now?!

Holiday in Tenerife


Last week I was just feeling very ‘meh’ and spoke to a friend down in London (Samantha, of Rain Room fun) when we figured out we both had two days of annual leave for 2012 left over… and a great desire to see some sunshine! So we found somewhere warm, easy to fly to, with connections from both Edinburgh and London over one of the few weekends we were both free. At this time of year hotels are ludicrously cheap, and while it won’t be totally scorchio it’ll be so lovely just to feel a little heat, lounge all day reading books, and maybe even swim in the sea. Great girlie chats are guaranteed and a vague hint of a tan may even be gained.

So if you’ll excuse my absence, I’m just oh so busy lapping up the sun as I lie on a beach in the Canary Islands. Hasta la vista!

How quickly is December whizzing by! Christmas is less than three weeks away and the flurry of parties and nights out has begun – hooray! While I’m loving the more exciting social life this brings (and the German market that takes over the centre of Edinburgh throughout December), I am rather envious of the gorgeous minibooks and Christmas craftiness I’m seeing pop-up all over blogland. At some point in the next three weeks I’m hoping to find time to make something seasonal myself! In the meantime I am getting my fix on others’ creations like some kind of creepy crafty voyeur.

A few brilliant December minibooks here by ladies well known for their skills in documenting life! The start of Elise Blaha Cripe, Amy Tan and Ali Edwards’ December books below…

Elise Blaha December Holiday Minibook
Amy Tan December Daily
Ali Edwards December Daily

I do love the idea of a December Daily – capturing the build up to Christmas one day at a time. But unfortunately for me just now, sorting and packing and getting ready to move house just doesn’t lend itself to a month of crafting! And I’ll be travelling down south in a couple of weeks to spend time with my delightful family – so excited to spend time with the little ones whose growing up is mostly witnessed via Facebook and the sporadic family event.

So instead I am celebrating December through #reverb12, hosted by Kat of I Saw You Dancing, who is fresh out of hosting Blogtoberfest just over a month ago!Ā Reverb looks back over the year through reflective prompts and provides some focus on the important stuff for the coming year. What works for me is that there’s no daily blogging requirement, no need to dedicate an hour of every evening to craft, just a prompt to think about and react to in whatever way that works. For me right now, that’s mostly just something to mull over as I walk to work in the morning, or as I sit on the bus en route to a meet up of some kind or another, probably involving mulled wine, possibly also rum. They go together so well, it’s almost criminal. This is how my December rolls!

It’s so hipster it hurts, and it’s owned by Facebook, but there is something just so addictive about Instagram. I am not one to take photos of my food (often) or my feet or my newly manicured nails,Ā but I love seeing the everyday ‘behind the scenes’ shots of all the super creative people I have at one point or another stumbled across on Instagram.

Quite a few of my Insta-pals were acquired through the 30 Days of Lists project, when Instagram became the only thing I would reliably update as soon as I’d finished a page (according to my Flickr, I am still only half way through – oops! That’s an update to add to my December goals list!). One of those, Schona KesslerĀ (@schonakessler), hosts sporadic Project Life tag swaps for between 15-20 people. Essentially, each person involved makes a batch of matching 3×4 tags and sends them to Schona, and in return receives one of everyone else’s creations. It’s a fun and interactive way to swap ideas and gain a selection of new tags forĀ scrap-bookingĀ or Project Life. I don’t do either of those things much, but happened to catch a new #pltagswap as it happened and couldn’t resist getting involved.

I sent off my own handmade tags, inspired by the Steranko illustrated Superman backgrounds and similar to those made for the giveaway, but with a ridiculous amount of cutting out and in a much larger volume! And in exchange I got these beauties. These came all the way from the US, which meant that while other participants were getting all excited about their handmade paper goodies, I was anxiously checking the post every day to find only bills and takeaway menus! But now they are here, and I intend to put them to good use… maybe my next 30 Days of Lists? March is only a few months away now after all!

Instagram pltagswap

Check out the #pltagswap on Instagram for all the details if you want to know more!