Printable Postcards – love horror

All Hallow’s Eve has arrived, which means that it’s time for ghosts and ghouls and tales of horror.

To celebrate, I’ve created this series of postcards with a theme of ‘love horror’, pairing classic horror films with beautiful love songs, like a strange blind date that doesn’t quite work.

love horror the birds close to you

love horror jaws somewhere beyond the sea

love horror the shining crazy

love horror carrie lady in red

Anyone interested in printing these as postcards can click on each image to get it in full resolution, or can download as printable postcard pdf, with colour matching stamps and details of the film and song and everything.

Download: The Birds / Jaws / The Shining / Carrie

I’d love to see if any get used anywhere – drop me a note in the comments if so!

>>> This is post 31 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 and therefore marks the very end of this month of blogging festivities! Congratulations everyone who took part! <<<

  1. Oh my god hahah the birds one is my favorite! Creepy and amazing at the same time.


      • Thanks! Im currently trying to sell all my postcards on Etsy now, and that includes these four. I’ll let you know if any actually sell. Thanks for making these and sharing! Theyre fantastic!

        And of course I’m crediting you and putting this link in the listing.

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