Mormons on a Gap Year

Last night I stayed much, much, much later than planned at the pub, saying a very sad farewell to one of my favourite workmates.

As ever, after a few too many pints of strawberry flavoured beer, the chat soon devolved into nonsensical ramblings and those stories that become increasingly embellished with each telling. I know I’ve had too much when I forget basic vocabulary and start describing things using complex analogies that don’t even make sense.

So when trying to describe Rumspringa to a colleague for the most ridiculous of reasons, I just couldn’t think of the word, and opted instead for “Mormons on a gap year”. Now, although it may be that rumspringa involves a completely different religion, we still all agreed that Mormons on a Gap Year would be a pretty cool name for a band. And think of the awesome hats you could wear.

Amish teenagers

Photo from Channel 4’s Amish: World’s Squarest Teenagers

And so that is why, dear reader, you have a brief and unextraordinary tale involving an Amish rite of passage, instead of a post about making wool covered letters, a write-up of the edible plants course I did about a month ago, some sneaky peeks into a book of doodlesome patterns I’m working on, or a few more outfit ideas to emulate female superheroes. I had taken to the drink, but I’m back now.

>>> This is post 25 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

  1. I love alcohol inspired ramblings! They always give a fresh perspective. Although I would like to here about the edible plants. Do that soon please.x

    • Hehe your wish is my command! It may take some time to remember it all though, my notes are somewhere beneath the many piles of clutter!

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