Fancy dressing

debbiedoesdoodles zombies fancy dress

I LOVE dressing up. Seriously. Fancy dress opportunities make me all giddy inside. And it’s Halloween soon! While I am tempted to revisit the zombie look (maybe not so much cleavage this time though) I have a huge collection of costumes and outfits all begging to be dusted off. So now I must choose… Is it to be a zombie clown, Scotland, the 80s (check out that crimping), Miss Scarlett, Space, a hoard of firemen, the 70s, Supergirl, Where’s Wally, Peter Pan, mimes, a Dutch girl (Laura, representing Israel for a Eurovision night, was Jesus), a stamp, or a collection of builders, complete with builders’ bums? Only time will tell.

debbiedoesdoodles so many fancy dress costumes

I’m looking forward to seeing what other people create for this year’s Halloween extravaganza! Link up below if you’ve got anything ingenious in the works…

>>> This is post 24 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

    • Thank you! One of those costumes where you HAVE to shower before bed – all-over face paint can be a messy messy thing!

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