Using Chalk

Sometimes I see crafty creations online that look amazing but would be really hard to actually make, or require kit or skills beyond my own! SO I started a Pinboard titled ‘Craft projects I could actually do‘ to work through. I noticed recently that lots of the projects I’ve been pinning and bookmarking have involved using chalkboard paint to create personalised everyday objects. Here are a few of my favourite chalk-themed projects from around the Internet…

chalkboard mug
chalkboard globe and fridge
Smile and Wave cabinets
O Magazine Dana Tanamachi
chalboard calendar and house numbers
chalkboard dresser
cheese board
chalkboard coasters

Chalkboard mug tutorial on A Beautiful Mess; Chalkboard painted globe by Halligan on Design Sponge; Chalkboard fridge by Danny Seo via Apartment Therapy; Organised cabinets using coloured chalkboard paint by Rachel on Smile and Wave; Spread in O Magazine this February featuring Dana Tanamachi, graphic designer and custom chalk letterer and seen on Heart Handmade; Custom colour chalkboard paint turned into a wall calendar by Martha Stewart; Chalkboard flower pots seen on Pinterest but ingenious creator unknown!; Bright red chalkboard dresser by Janell Beals; Cheese board using chalkboard labelling by Amanda White on Wit & Whistle; Chalkboard numbered coasters tutorial on Crazy Wonderful

>>> This is post 22 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

    • Thank you Ioanna! I’m yet to try this one out myself, and there are so many brilliant creations here it’s tricky to pick which to do first! Let me know if you give any a go!

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