Good Things Come To Those Who…

So, it’s my final day in Dublin, and a Friday, so what would make more sense but a Guinness themed post?! This is shameful to admit, but I’ve never actually drank a Guinness. I’m hoping to rectify that TODAY in the birthplace of the drink itself. If successful, I will of course report back once I’m home in the land of the Scots. For now, though, a super quick review of the wonderful Guinness advertising over the years.

The advertising executive S.H. Bensonand artist John Gilroy were responsible for creating these seriously iconic drawn posters in the 1930s and ’40s. I’ve seen some of these as framed prints, coasters, magnets, postcards, notebooks and more…

My Goodness My Guinness
Guinness for Strength

Since then Guinness has continued its advertising mastery with a series of award winning and breathtaking TV campaigns. Surfer has won SO many awards, tops all of those ‘best 40…’ lists, and has probably changed the way most people view a dramatic breaking wave today. More recently, Tipping Point featured a giant Rube Goldberg machine made of dominoes, suitcases, bread, paint tins, medical accessories, furniture, tires, musical instruments, mattresses, rusty cars, bales of hay, books and more running through an Argentinian town. Rumour has it that one single advert cost £10 million. Which is a lot of Guinness!

>>> This is post 19 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<


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