Gearing up for rain, rain, rain

wearing wellies in the rain

Winter is coming.

The rain has started. Torrential rain in Edinburgh tends to arrive hand in hand with wind so strong you fight against it looking like Michael Jackson doing Earthsong. Which means umbrellas are completely futile – they turn inside out before you’ve even had to chance to hold them upright.

This week I got totally drenched walking home from work because I was unprepared for the season. SO the next day I got myself kitted out in full waterproof gear, a super thick raincoat and big bold wellington boots. I walked to work feeling sensible and defiant. And it didn’t rain one drop. BUT the wellies made me feel like a little kid and it was all the more fun because of it. I even splashed in some puddles (when nobody was looking).

My trusty black and pink polka dot wellies have seen me through a few music festivals, walks in the countryside and many a snowy winter. More than one pair of wellington boots seems a bit excessive, but if I were looking out for some practical booty bargains, there are some extremely funky wellies out there at the moment – check out the below selection, which are all under £40!


Top row from Asos: Cath Kidston Shooting Star Rainboot, £30; Fulton Micro Scotty Rainboots, £16; Paul’s Boutique Wellies, £35

Middle row from New Look: Rampant Sporting Green and Pink Stripe Wellies, £38.99; Cream and Pink Owl Print Wellies, £19.99; JuJu Turquoise Cow Print Wellies, £23.99

Bottom row from Very: Joules Striped Ladies Wellies, £37; Joules Spot Print Ladies Wellies, £37; Gola Sunshine Splash Wellies, £35

>>> This is post 14 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

  1. Thanks for the tip to use 40 quid as a threshold for spending on wellington boots. Now I know that the boots I have my eye on (priced in U.S. dollars) are reasonable! And no, more than one pair of wellies is not excessive, as long as you enjoy wearing them. ;D

    • debbiedoesdoodles said:

      Haha I’m not sure £40 is reasonable… but definitely justifiable when faced with a seemingly never-ending barrage of rain! Hope you have fun picking out your own pair 🙂

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