Colour Lovin’

I’ve recently joined COLOURlovers, which is a community site with all the tools needed to create, share and appreciate stunning colours, pallets, and patterns. You can create your own pattern templates to colour with a particular pallet or by selecting random shades as you go. Below I’ve coloured a couple of my own templates, ‘All the chevrons‘ and ‘Tripoli‘.

Which Way

Ice Cream Flavours

Alternatively you can decorate other Colour Lovers’ pattern templates with your own colour choices, or even a complete colour pallet you’ve created yourself, so that you could create a series of patterns with the same colour combinations, or the same patterns with completely different colours.

Colours of October
Colour Lovers Fantastic


Another cool feature of the Colour Loving website is the PHOTOCOPA tool, which allows you to generate a pallet by picking colours from an image or photograph. Here are a couple of illustrations from my Pinterest board of Children’s Book Illustrations have been turned into colour pallets titled ‘VOOM’ and ‘Elephant / Bad Baby’.

Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss VOOMColours of ZOOM

The Elephant and the Bad Baby
Colours of Elephant Bad Baby

The best bit is that these colour combinations and patterns don’t have to remain on the screen – COLOURlovers is partnered with Spoonflower, Imagekind and Moo (I LOVE their business cards) so it’s possible to print personalised fabric, canvases or cards featuring your designs. I am seriously tempted to get some of the chevron patterned fabric to create a personalised cushion sometime – once I’ve learned how to sew it, that is.

The COLOURlovers blog is also worth a read – this post dissecting the colour make-up of many of the year’s movie posters reveals the domination of various shades of grey. Could this be an unexpected E. L. James effect?!

>>> This is post 9 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

  1. whattaylormade said:

    This looks awesome! I’m definitely going to check it out. Have you ever had a look at design seeds blog? It’s pretty cool and If you sign up to the mailing list you get daily colour tiles like the ones you made with the photocopa tool. Quite nice for a bit of daily colourful inspiration.x

    • debbiedoesdoodles said:

      Oooh I’ve never seen that before! Great tip, thank you. I really like their palette search tool too, could be really great for working out colour combos or just inspiration!

  2. This is awesome! I am a sucker for a good chevron pattern!

    • Why thank you! Chevron seems to be my default pattern at the moment – if I don’t make a conscious effort not to everything I make is littered with them!

    • Thank you for visiting! Hope you have fun playing with colour… Maybe see you over there!

  3. Wow! This site is fantastic! Sure to keep me occupied for many happy hours. Thanks

  4. I discoverd Colorlovers recently but couldn’t get into it. Now I have to check it again! Good post!

    • Thank you! If you’re having difficulty, I think the best way to get to grips with the site is to do their guided tour thing – quite a few steps but shows off all the things you can do. I don’t do a lot of ‘networking’ on it as many of the community seem to do, but the photo tools are brilliant, definitely recommended!

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