Super Quick Sunday

A very quick and easy project today!

Wooden letters

For my twin nephews’ fourth birthday a couple of weekends ago, I created matching but personalised letters for each of them, a B for Ben and S for Sam. A step-by-step is hardly necessary, since it really was so quick and easy.

1. The MDF letters were from Olivia Hope on eBay, £1 each including postage!

2. I added a few coats of white acrylic paint first because MDF has a tendency to drink up paint – I wanted the colours to be as bright as possible.

3. Painted each with bright acryclic paint, the blue is a special metallic blue and the green a simple acrylic. Added some colour co-ordinated washi tape to each for some pattern.

4. Cut circled photos of the boys and mounted on coloured foam. Added a few buttons and stickers for a little something extra.

I also made a couple of gift tags from simple brown luggage tags and the same elements as on the letters themselves. And that’s it! The boys were really pleased with their letters and I hope to see them put to use marking toy chests or wardrobe spaces on the next visit. The older they get the more independent and different they become – it won’t be long before I can’t get away with matching presents any more!

Twin letters

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