Movie mashups

Often when clearing out a cupboard you’ll find mementos and treasures that you’d given up for lost, or forgotten about entirely. At least that’s definitely the case with my disorganised storage system!

The same seems to be true of emails. In addition to the lovely conversations and inside jokes captured by Gmail over the years, I also recently stumbled across a series of bizarre ideas and old messages emailed to myself, when I clearly had some excess imagination with no outlet. Amongst them was a list of movie mashups created by combining two film titles together – likely Videogum inspired but I have no idea what the intended purpose was.

SO, what happens if a group of friends who drink and swear attend a series of nuptials while being overseen by an eccentric millionaire and some small orange creatures who love to sing and dance? Four Weddings and a Chocolate Factory. What to you call the tale of a sheepherding pig who travels to the big city to protect the human race from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? Babe: The Last Stand. And what’s the best title for a film about a young widow who discovers a series of messages from her late husband, all about his solitary life in New York City desperately searching for a cure to the mysterious plague? P.S. I am Legend.

These films don’t exist, but they should do.

O Brother Wheres My Car film poster

Look Whos Dracula film poster

Four Weddings and a Chocolate Factory film poster

Bend It Like Benjamin Button film poster

Its a Frost Nixon Thing film poster

How to Lose a Guy At The Museum film poster

Crouching Tiger Kangaroo Jack film poster

Bonus titles: 27 Dresses for Seven Brothers, Rosemary’s Hangover, Ocean’s 23, When Harry Met Mr Ripley, Bill and Ted’s Goblet of Fire. Feel free to suggest your own in the comments below!

>>> This is post 6 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<


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