Switching Gender

I’ve been having fun over at Polyvore taking some iconic male heroes from legend, literature, film and TV and restyling them with female fashion. Why should the men have all the fun eh?

Click through to visit Polyvore and see details of each item included in the sets – most available on the UK high street. Personally I wish I could buy everything in the Robin Hood collection – I love that green Fern by Heart Dress on Modcloth and £4 Cupid Drop earrings from Accessorize – both sold out since I originally saw them, totally gutted!


Robin Hood
Doctor Who - the eleventh doctor

Female Rambo

>>> This is post 3 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

  1. aideebrooke said:

    Whoa that’s weird!

  2. I heart the Doctor Polvore… I’ve been wanting braces for AGES. Impossible to find for girls… I already have my velvet bow tie ready to rock 🙂

    • I bought a super cheap pair from Primark a few years ago for a fancy dress party (I was a zombie clown – couldn’t decide between the two) and have worn them a couple of times since for real… they’d go nicely with your waistcoat! I’m willing to bet you’ll find a pair on one of your many scavenger hunts around Edinburgh!

      • Ahhh, didn’t think of Primark actually. You can quite often find men’s braces in the chazza shops but they are usually too big. So the hunt continues 🙂

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