The Final Six Days of Lists

SO here they are, the final six lists.

List #25 Places I’ve Lived

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 25

Up to the age of 18 I lived in the same small village my whole life. In the nine years since then, I’ve lived in ten different homes, in Italy (1), Sheffield (3), Birmingham (1) and Edinburgh (5, 4 of them in Leith, and not counting the year or so that I practically lived in James’s flat). It feels like a lot. We’re intending to stay in our current flat for some time now, mostly because moving all the books in killed our arms. But one day, one day, I will have my own home that I can decorate exactly how I want, regardless of holes made by picture hooks or boldness of paint colours.

ANYWAY, back to the list – I found some super old maps of Europe, Sheffield and Leith, because a lot of what I love about these places is their history. Then I just added flags to them using washi tape or elements of origami paper – both of which appeared elsewhere on the page. For the number I cut some dates from a calendar and marked the 25th – wish I’d used calendar elements more throughout!

List #26 Trends I cannot stand

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 26

That page from a SMASH pad on the left hand side is my favourite ever. I’d been hoping to find somewhere to use it and this was perfect – it’s like he hates these trends so much he’s eating them up! Dungarees, playsuits and harem pants featured as my fashion no-nos, I really think they look ridiculous. There are definitely people out there who can make those looks work, but I am most definitely without a doubt NOT one of those people.

And the major trend I cannot stand has to be fake glasses. But only because I love fake glasses so much.!When I was younger I used to steal my mum’s glasses even though they made my eyes feel weird. I just love the way glasses look. First I had one pair of fakies, then I started collecting… at one point a few years ago I had about 20 different pairs of fake glasses, for any outfit or occasion! But now it’s become such a hipster fashion thing that I feel even more foolish than before. So, a bunch of photos from over the years accompanied by a pair of foam glasses (which took so long to cut out) marked this trend that I wish had never come around!

List #27 Bravest things I’ve ever done

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 27

This was a good topic because most people’s immediate reaction seems to be: I haven’t done anything brave. But when you think about it, moving to a new country without speaking their language, or being the only student to study that Masters Degree, or completely relocating to a new city without knowing anyone, those are actually pretty scary things! I’ve never bungee jumped, but I’ve packed up my life and started anew a fair few times.

Washi tape, patterned stickers and coloured paper helped balance up the two sides of the spread here, the scrabble tile reflects my particularly geeky masters degree (Lexicography) and the brown tags and pile of luggage emphasise the things I think the bravest – and the ones I’d rather not do again, now that I feel so settled in this brilliant city. I love Edinburgh.

List #28 Little joys in my life

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 28

So OK, I guess little joys should really be things like: receiving unexpected packages, discovering that TV show you were missing has just started a new season, sleeping in at the weekends, losing weight, eggs for breakfast… things like that. But since I spent the weekend before with my gorgeous little nephews and niece, little people who bring so much joy, this spread was dedicated to them. Here they all are playing in a ring in their best wedding outfits!

I backed a gold frame onto card for some texture and added some black embellishments bought from Poundland a while back on both pages. The yellow circles were just bits of yellow paper punches made using a holepunch, I really wanted to accentuate the brilliant patterned paper that has featured a few times in the book in different colours.

List #29 What I finished this week

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 29

This entire spread came about after realising that at no point in the book so far had I used the colour purple, which seemed a shame since it’s a colour with so much depth and variety between shades. Alas, the photo here doesn’t really show up the various different colour purples, especially the buttons. It’s a combo of different papers, washi, lilac foam and buttons. This is a very honest list – I felt very bad and unproductive when I tried (and failed) to think of things I’d finished, but the right hand page makes me feel a lot better about it!

List #30 Lists to make

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 30

The very last spead! What a brilliant prompt to ensure the listing habit continues. More patterned origami paper, plain yellow paper, a couple of pages from the SMASH pad and some letter transfers and stickers made up the lists, while the decorative bunting was created from a selection of my very favourite washi tapes.

And that’s it! I’m thinking a giant round-up of the entire month could be on its way…

Thirty Days of Lists is a challenge to journal something every day to create a snapshot of your life over the course of a month. Click here to see all my posts on the subject and please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or tips for UK craft stockists.

>>> This is post 2 of the 31 I’ll be writing for Blogtoberfest 2012 <<<

  1. Bron said:

    Great memories for you…love the journals you have made. x

    • Thank you Bron! I definitely don’t have the patience or dedication to do a constant Project Life-style scrapbook like some people do, but this is such a great way to get a snapshot of memories. Recommended! And thanks for visiting!

  2. That looks wonderful! You sure moved a lot. I wish I’ve done that. Only 3 places my entire life. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your posts.Coming over from BLogtoberfest. Nice to meet you! 🙂

    • Hey Natasha! I’ve only just started looking through all the fellow Blogtoberists (Blogtoberites? Blogtoberfestivees?) but everyone seems lovely so far! Thanks for visiting.

  3. whattaylormade said:

    Hello! I can totally relate to your feelings on multiple moves, I think I’m upto 16 different places now and 13 have been in the last 7 years. I’m getting quite tired of it now and am sooooo ready to have a place of my own. There definitely feels like there is something missing when you can’t paint the walls on a whim.
    I also wanted to tell you that you’ve inspired me to take part in blogtoberfest. Day two and I’m going strong!
    That’s it, ramble over, nice to meet you!x

    • Wowsers you totally woop my ass in the most moves stats! It’s so exhausting moving I am mighty impressed that you’ve remained sane.
      SO glad you’re doing Blogtoberfest! And hello! I’ill be keeping an eagle eye out to see what you come up with – 31 posts sounds like I lot. If it’s anything like 30 Days of Lists though, should be over quicker than we realise…

  4. This is just fabulous! Love what you’ve done. Something to really pore over. Very, very clever.

    • Thank you so much! Lots of fun to do and hopefully something to read in many moons’ time!

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