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All Hallow’s Eve has arrived, which means that it’s time for ghosts and ghouls and tales of horror.

To celebrate, I’ve created this series of postcards with a theme of ‘love horror’, pairing classic horror films with beautiful love songs, like a strange blind date that doesn’t quite work.

love horror the birds close to you

love horror jaws somewhere beyond the sea

love horror the shining crazy

love horror carrie lady in red

Anyone interested in printing these as postcards can click on each image to get it in full resolution, or can download as printable postcard pdf, with colour matching stamps and details of the film and song and everything.

Download: The Birds / Jaws / The Shining / Carrie

I’d love to see if any get used anywhere – drop me a note in the comments if so!

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magical starburst

These brilliant vintage-style circus themed backgrounds were created by Ciara Panacchia and are available to download for free in 36 colour combinations from Design Instruct. You can select just the colour combo you like best, or get the whole set in one handy zipped file. You could create much more exciting projects from these backgrounds than these here magical words! She’s also got a selection of vintage paper textures to download too – most definitely a resource to bookmark.

ta da starburst

PS It’s not a trick, it’s an illusion.

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Things have been eventful at Casa de Doodles recently. I’ll expand on that sometime, when I can find the right words. It’s difficult. I have a great deal of admiration for bloggers who regularly pour out their hearts to online friends and strangers. I wish I could right now, but it seems that I am more of a ‘things I made’ and ‘stuff I saw’ than a ‘what I feel’ kind of a blogger. But I’m working on it.

So, with that in mind, here are some things I made! I spent a therapeutic afternoon yesterday creating the handmade tags for this months giveaway. They are not as epic or imaginative as I’d planned, given the vaguely aforementioned eventfulness, but they were made with love, which I hope helps.

handmade tags

Apologies for the shoddy photography. Please consider this ‘atmospheric’ and not ‘it’s dark all the time in Scotland now and capturing photographs in natural light won’t be possible again until March’. Expect more ‘atmospheric’ photography over the coming months.

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This amazing foxy photo was captured by photographer Richard Peters and was recently commended in the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. The Atlantic posted a few of their favourites, including this one, with a mesmerising description of how it was captured:

Photographer Richard Peters sat in his car and from a distance watched the fox hunting, just enjoying the performance. He was in Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, and there was snow on the ground. The fox was listening for rodents under the snow, then leaping high to pounce down on the unsuspecting prey. It was too far away to photograph, and so when it disappeared and suddenly reappeared, on a snow bank level with the car window, Richard was taken by surprise. “It was already in pounce position, and I barely had time to lift the camera before it leapt up into the air almost clean out of my field of view. I managed to get a sequence of the leap, but I love this quirky image best, which gives a real sense of just how high these wonderful animals can jump.”

Makes you appreciate how much patience must be required to be a professional wildlife photographer! And just how much magic you would see.

Richard Peters jumping fox
COLOURlovers Jump Foxy Jump

This photo provided inspiration for a new pallet of wintery colours – a lovely combination of icey blues and creamy browns.

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Fellow Blogtoberfester little white dove posts Saturday night Bloggers Boogies over on her site every week. I’m sure the boogie feeling will hit me later tonight when I’m listening to brilliant tunes and find myself on the dance floor, but for this afternoon, I’m feeling in more of a happy, easy listening guitar-filled tunes kind of a mood.

Bright Eyes – At the Bottom of Everything

One of my favourite song openings ever. Cheerfully bleak, if that’s possible.

“We’re going to a party. It’s a birthday party. It’s your birthday party. Happy birthday darling. We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much.” = The words I’d like to hear if I ever fall to an inevitable death surrounded by strangers having a plane crash party.

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins – Your Young Voice

I know a few people in Edinburgh who go nuts for King Creosote, but only discovered why a few months ago when I first listened to the album Diamond Mine by King Creosite and Jon Hopkins. The melody, the lyrics, the voice, are all so hauntingly beautiful.

Dan Auerbach – Goin’ Home

I love love love the entire Keep It Hid album, it is my favourite music to accompany a wander or for listening on a train. I am definitely a Black Keys fan, but actually probably listen to Dan Auerbach’s solo stuff more often.

Plastic Animals – Yellowcraig

I am totally biased in this selection, but I love the band and this is my favourite ever video. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ll be seeing them tonight at the Tidal Wave of Indifference gig in the Wee Red Bar at Edinburgh’s College of Art.

The Postal Service – Recycled Air (acoustic)

It only just hit me that this too is a song about flying in a plane. Perhaps this tale will end better than the first. “Calm down, release your cares”

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Flicking through some old comic books recently I spotted some seriously cool backgrounds within the DC Superman Anniversary Issue 400 from 1984. The story is written, illustrated, lettered and coloured by the amazing Jim Steranko. Set in the future after Superman has passed away, it is totally bleak in places but has some beautiful illustrations of the universe.

This site dedicated to the work of Steranko shows the full story and all its illustrations in glorious colour and detail, but I am quite enamoured with my own faded, ‘vintage-textured’ pages. These are a few of my favourite sections:

comic book background superman 0

comic book background superman 1

comic book background superman 2

The middle one has already proved inspirational, forming the basis of one of the tags I’m creating for the giveaway I announced earlier in the month – and which is still open to entries by the way!

giveaway tags inspired by superman

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Last night I stayed much, much, much later than planned at the pub, saying a very sad farewell to one of my favourite workmates.

As ever, after a few too many pints of strawberry flavoured beer, the chat soon devolved into nonsensical ramblings and those stories that become increasingly embellished with each telling. I know I’ve had too much when I forget basic vocabulary and start describing things using complex analogies that don’t even make sense.

So when trying to describe Rumspringa to a colleague for the most ridiculous of reasons, I just couldn’t think of the word, and opted instead for “Mormons on a gap year”. Now, although it may be that rumspringa involves a completely different religion, we still all agreed that Mormons on a Gap Year would be a pretty cool name for a band. And think of the awesome hats you could wear.

Amish teenagers

Photo from Channel 4’s Amish: World’s Squarest Teenagers

And so that is why, dear reader, you have a brief and unextraordinary tale involving an Amish rite of passage, instead of a post about making wool covered letters, a write-up of the edible plants course I did about a month ago, some sneaky peeks into a book of doodlesome patterns I’m working on, or a few more outfit ideas to emulate female superheroes. I had taken to the drink, but I’m back now.

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debbiedoesdoodles zombies fancy dress

I LOVE dressing up. Seriously. Fancy dress opportunities make me all giddy inside. And it’s Halloween soon! While I am tempted to revisit the zombie look (maybe not so much cleavage this time though) I have a huge collection of costumes and outfits all begging to be dusted off. So now I must choose… Is it to be a zombie clown, Scotland, the 80s (check out that crimping), Miss Scarlett, Space, a hoard of firemen, the 70s, Supergirl, Where’s Wally, Peter Pan, mimes, a Dutch girl (Laura, representing Israel for a Eurovision night, was Jesus), a stamp, or a collection of builders, complete with builders’ bums? Only time will tell.

debbiedoesdoodles so many fancy dress costumes

I’m looking forward to seeing what other people create for this year’s Halloween extravaganza! Link up below if you’ve got anything ingenious in the works…

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Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods came out on DVD in the UK recently, and for me, a person who jumps and gasps and screams at even the most obvious of scares, this has been the first real opportunity to watch it. There was absolutely no way I was watching that in public. I remember judo kicking the back of someone’s chair out of fright when watching Jurassic Park at the cinema many moons ago, and it seems to have got worse from there. In the last year James and I have got through an entire Hitchcock season, The Thing, Alien and Aliens at the lovely independent Filmhouse in Edinburgh, but not without me having to clutch his leg/hand/entire body throughout all the scary bits.

SO, Cabin in the Woods. Ordinarily, this kind of film wouldn’t really interest me. From the trailer, it looks like your stereotypical horror movie – five unknowing teens, full of life and booze, find themselves the victim of an axe-wielding psycopath, a mutilated, one-armed demon, or in this case, a family of redneck torture zombies. I’ve watched many of these films with groups of friends or out on dates, and they give me a little excitement at the time, and a lot of nightmares later. The Grudge had me scared of bathrooms for over a year, I will never travel through the Texan countryside by myself or at night, and I’ve had nightmares about The Ring based on the trailer alone. But I’d heard interesting things about this film that suggested it was not what you might expect, and as a fan of producer and co-writer Joss Whedon, I decided to suck it up and give it a go. And I’m seriously glad I did.

Warning: may contain spoilers… Read More

Sometimes I see crafty creations online that look amazing but would be really hard to actually make, or require kit or skills beyond my own! SO I started a Pinboard titled ‘Craft projects I could actually do‘ to work through. I noticed recently that lots of the projects I’ve been pinning and bookmarking have involved using chalkboard paint to create personalised everyday objects. Here are a few of my favourite chalk-themed projects from around the Internet…

chalkboard mug
chalkboard globe and fridge
Smile and Wave cabinets
O Magazine Dana Tanamachi
chalboard calendar and house numbers
chalkboard dresser
cheese board
chalkboard coasters

Chalkboard mug tutorial on A Beautiful Mess; Chalkboard painted globe by Halligan on Design Sponge; Chalkboard fridge by Danny Seo via Apartment Therapy; Organised cabinets using coloured chalkboard paint by Rachel on Smile and Wave; Spread in O Magazine this February featuring Dana Tanamachi, graphic designer and custom chalk letterer and seen on Heart Handmade; Custom colour chalkboard paint turned into a wall calendar by Martha Stewart; Chalkboard flower pots seen on Pinterest but ingenious creator unknown!; Bright red chalkboard dresser by Janell Beals; Cheese board using chalkboard labelling by Amanda White on Wit & Whistle; Chalkboard numbered coasters tutorial on Crazy Wonderful

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