A Further Nine Days of Lists

I have so many more lists to share! I’m still loving doing 30 Days of Lists, but I’m becoming increasingly glad that it’s only for a month – prioritising real life means I’d constantly be playing catchup otherwise.

List #16 Things I’d Like to Learn

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 16

The three or four lists preceding this page were super busy and collage heavy. So in contrast, this page stuck to a colour theme and kept things co-ordinated and straightforward. It’s just washi tape, patterned stickers, coloured paper, transfer letters and pen. I spent a while thinking of the items for this list, because there are so many things that I’d really like to learn. But these five are things that I could be learning right now, and are skills that I wish I already had. I feel like a child who can’t drive, I wish I could hem my own trousers as well as create exciting looking clothes and quilts and whatnot, I’d like to take photos on something other than an iPhone, and my conversational Italian has been gradually fading in the eight or so years since I worked over there. I’m doing a screen-printing course in November with Edinburgh Printmakers and I’m really excited about it, but currently very underprepared. Hand me my sketchbook!

List #17 Excuses

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 17

This page could hardly be simpler! I just loved the papers included in Elise’s minibook here and I didn’t want to cover them up. Plus, an easy and quick approach seemed fitting for a page on excuses, as many of the other pages took me so long to finish that I kept delaying their completion. The yellow date and title were old transfer letters, and the speech bubbles and excuses were written on coloured paper using a plain old gel ink pen.

List #18 Favourite Names

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 18Names are surprisingly hard to think of! Maybe because I’m not yet of baby-having inclination. Or because I was determined to fill up the gridded paper with names in a no black squares style crossword. I was feeling very sensible at the time and picked names I would actually want or give to a person, but in hindsight I wish this was full of BARTHOLOMEW and ZANZIBAR and TYBALT and HIERONYMUS and PILOT INSPEKTOR. Brilliant names that don’t even necessarily belong to people. As for the embellishments, the green and pink paisley strips were from Poundland a while back, the plain green strip is coloured paper and that’s a super thin strip of washi tape too. The tag was from Amazon with pink fluorescent gel ink pen, and the eighteen grid is another patterned sticker.

List #19 Events I’d Like to Attend

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 19 part 1debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 19 part 2

My cousin Jon got married this weekend and it was brilliant. My extended family is pretty huge as my mum was one of four girls, as was her mum, but it’s still a close family. The big get togethers are fairly infrequent nowadays but when we do assemble, at Christmas or weddings or parties, it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun. So last week, when I made this list, it was top of my list of events to attend. The wedding invite fit perfectly into the book and I added the title directly onto the front using patterned origami paper cut into an interesting shape, washi tape and American Crafts thickers. The facing page, and reverse of the invite, featured photographs of the other events I’d really like to attend, with stickered labels cut into ribbon shapes. The yellow circled paper was perfect for a checklist, and since this list was written I’ve already been able to tick something off! The others may be slightly harder…

List #20 Fictional Friends

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 20

I mused on this subject last week – I think these list subjects of imaginary people or places have been my favourites, since they’re the ones that force you to stop and think on them for a while. This layout is fairly simple – after printing a few characters individually, spending ages cutting them out, and then realising they didn’t quite fit together, I combined all the friends together using PSE and printed as one sheet, which probably saved me about half an hour. The number 20 is one of my favourite fonts, JF Ringmaster, and and the ‘Fictional Friends’ banners are themselves a font too – Adhesive Nr. Seven. Some orange paper tied the two halves of the spread together (after feeling like some of my pages weren’t balanced last week) and a cue card provided space to write down the names (just in case at some point down the road I forget who these new friends are and need some assistance when I bump into them at a party and have to feign recognition).

List #21 Everything I bought this week

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 21

This would have been far easier had I peeked ahead at the list topics and kept my receipts! It’s a vague list but captures the main things – although I should have added that the two pairs of pumps were a mere £7.99 each from New Look! And those shoes saved my feet when I hit the wedding dance floor at the weekend. Handily I bought some seriously bargainous washi tape last week, which provided some colour to the layout. I love that pink camera tape – it was included in my ‘Snap Happy‘ camera inspired round-up a few weeks ago and so I couldn’t resist when I found it listed on eBay super cheap.

List #22 Favourite Photos of Myself

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 22 part 1debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 22 part 2

The iPhone app Incredibooth, which I wrote about a wee while back, takes the most flattering photos ever. This strip is a little old now but was already printed and hanging in the kitchen, so convenience ruled! The others aren’t necessarily the most complimentary photos of me, but they’re the ones that make me smile, and capture some great memories. I added the dates and locations using the Fuzzimo Embossed Label Generator, and made the camera out of foam and paper for some extra texture. I love that this minibook is 4×6 because photos are the perfect size – if I make my own book next time (which I’m definitely contemplating) it’ll have to be those same dimensions.

List #23 Current Favourites

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 23 part 1debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 23 part 2This is one of my favourite layouts so far. It’s not exactly complicated, but it took a surprisingly long time to put together! The title page is made up of a few paint sample cards and simple letter stickers from Amazon. On the yellow striped card I added a few lists of current favourites (although thought of so many after that I should have added!) using the diagonal lines as guides – I really like the way that echoes the handwriting in the orange stripes from list 16. I also made a full size replica of my phone! A screenshot of my home screen shows all my favourite apps at the moment, and I mounted this phone mock-up to a piece of black foam to simulate the thickness too! On the back I added a picture of the cassette tape iPhone cover that I have on my phone. At a glance this really looks like the real deal – I tried to pick it up yesterday while the page was lying nearby me, it took a few seconds to realise I was merely grabbing at foam and paper!

List #24 Yesterday Was

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 24

Since this page was supposed to be written on Monday, about Sunday, I pretended that I didn’t in fact put this together last thing on Thursday evening, and so wrote it for the day it was intended. When I look at this book in a few years, or even a few months, I won’t remember differently and will be super impressed by how regularly I updated this minibook! Ordinarily Sundays are pretty lazy, but thanks to the wedding at the weekend we seemed to fit such a lot into one day. As this involved flying from England back up to Scotland a banner pulling plane seemed the most appropriate for the title! I made it in PSE and used fonts Neoretrodraw, fill and shadow to create the 3D colour-coded text. The details of the day were just printed and cropped into ribbon shapes, and the ‘TODAY IS’ stamp is that brilliant Elise Blaha Cripe creation popping up again – now available through her stamp shop. I’d like to add that the word hidden by the book rings is ‘napping’ before any eagle eyed readers begin any more risqué speculatoin…

It’s crazy how thick this book has become and just how few days are left – this has been the best project to get me feeling creative again, and having a daily reminder has been exactly the motivation I’ve needed. I always feel slightly panicked when I’m behind by too many days, but I know how satisfied I’ll feel at the start of October when I can hold a book in my hands that is jam-packed with my thoughts and experiences, all laid out with bright colours and pretty shapes and patterns and even as I’m typing this I feel like such a girly girl but I don’t care because I love it SO THERE!

Thirty Days of Lists is a challenge to journal something every day to create a snapshot of your life over the course of a month. Click here to see all my posts on the subject and please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or tips for UK craft stockists. You can also keep up with my 30 Days of Lists activities via Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest.

  1. Claire C said:

    So pretty! What a lovely project 🙂

    • Thanks Claire! It’s taken up SO much of my time but has been loads of fun and is now finished! 🙂 Hooray!

      • It’s a wonderful thing to have, so well worth the effort involved. So creative!

  2. Kat said:

    Yum! What a delicious series of pages. I love the format and the way you have combined so many quirky elements. You have a great eye.
    Thrilled that you’re joining us for Blogtoberfest 12.
    Kat xxx

    • Thank you Kat. Looking forward to taking the daily habits formed through making these lists and applying them to the blog! Perfect timing for Blogtoberfest!

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