Project Real Life

The last week and a bit have been filled to the brim with activities and travelling and so much fun. It was such a good decision last week to stop trying to blog daily and instead focus on real life just now while so much is happening. Between working, socialising, trying to keep up with 30 Days of Lists and fitting in the exciting things like a foraging course and a giant family wedding, blogging has been almost the last thing on my mind.

On the plus side, I have discovered so many interesting and inspiring things that I just can’t wait to post on here. For a quick sample, here is a Project Life inspired snapshot of the last couple of weeks:

Project Real Life_late September two weeks of debbiedoesdoodles

Beautiful skies and enjoying some late September sun after a dubious and rainy August; sending Chris off to the navy with a suitably raucous and crazy party; James on tour and returning with a gorgeous bouquet and pressies for me; creating a birthday card for Laura which is still awaiting an address; learning about edible plants on the track down to Tyningham Beach; giving my laptop a makeover; filling up and padding out my 30 Days of Lists minibook; decorating wooden letters for the twins’ fourth birthday; spending time with family and the gorgeous little ones who grow up way too fast; a wedding full of love and fun and a good selection of traditions; feeling ill and being looked after by the most lovely (although camera shy) man; trying sushi for the first time EVER; watching the late summer disappear in a single moment with a strong gust of wind and a crazy Scottish storm


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