Eight More Days of Lists

Half way through Thirty Days of Lists and I’m really enjoying the prompts to get creative. Finding the time to write-up and decorate the lists is proving increasingly tricky though – real life got in the way of listing much or posting for the last few days! Some lists feel a little rushed, but I find that having a daily prompt is the only way to guarantee I’ll do it at all, rather than just planning out the perfect spread and then never completing it for fear of messing it up.

A few of this week’s prompts required a lot of thought and contemplation and I think I could dedicate the entire month of September just to writing up the lists and decisions behind each one. But since I’m guessing that would be fairly dull to read, here is a quick summary of the week instead:

List #8 Out my front door

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 8

I loved making this one. Since living in a flat in a city means I don’t have a front garden to write about, I dedicated this collage to my neighbourhood of Leith. I used some cutouts from The Leither magazine, including the photo of the Rabbie Burns statue, the title font for my title, the Leith crest and ‘Persevere’ motto. The two strips of photos, mostly from my Instagram, were all taken within a few minutes walk from the flat, and were mounted on black card to create a photostrip visual. I included a portion of a very tatty old map I used to carry with me when I first visited Edinburgh over four years ago, and a snippet of the lyrics from the Proclaimers’ Sunshine on Leith, Leith’s unofficial anthem. This spread had the orange squared page already within the minibook, which allowed me to add the list prompt and the reasons on the reverse of each other.

List #9 Today you can find me

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 9

A very simple spread this one! The envelope came within the minibook and I couldn’t help but use it for some private journalling to take a snapshot of my current mood. The big bold TODAY letter stickers were from Amazon.

List #10 I am at my best when

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 10

This photo, taken on Skye, shows me in a very happy mood on a very lovely holiday last September. The gold frame was cut out of a magazine and fit perfectly on the back of the envelope from List 9. The yellow strips and chevrons were stickers which I cut to shape, and the ‘best’ is American Crafts ‘Doll’ fabric thickers. For the actual list I used a page out of the SMASH pad cut into a more exciting shape, and another round sticker for the list number.

List #11 Favourite scents and smells

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 11

Quite a collage-y feel to this list with a few different textures going on… packaging from a fajita kit, printed images of the Sailor Jerry girl and my favourite perfume, mint made from washi tape, photobooth print of James (he was away this week which may have made me more girlish than normal), and some felt embellishments from Papermania via Hobbycraft. I used old gold transfer letters for the title and date, which are pleasingly subtle.

List #12 Fictional places I’d like to live

debbiedoesdoodles Fictional Places to live

I had so much fun thinking up and debating these ones with myself that I wrote a whole post about it last week. It’s mostly a collage of different printed images, with some washi and transfer letters thrown in. I used a Sharpie and gel ink pen for the miniature Metropolis skyline and wished afterwards that I’d left space to do it across the whole width of the spread for continuity across the pages.

List #13 Dinner party invitees

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 13

Initially I contemplated just making a list of all the people I know in real life who would make great dinner party guests, but inspired by all the incredible people my fellow Listers were thinking up I couldn’t resist the lure of celebrity. My eleven guests include a couple of musical legends, a genius inventor and artist, two brilliant writers, a film-maker, a lexicographer, a pioneer for women, a peacemaker and two of the funniest comedians to have ever lived. I love the idea of the intellectual and thought provoking discussions this group would have and the stories they would all tell. Morecombe & WIse would make everyone feel at ease and Ella Fitzgerald and Elvis could swoon a lovely post-dinner duet. I would perhaps be careful not to place Emmeline Pankhurst too close to Elvis though, I’m not sure she’d approve of him calling her ‘babe’.

The visual look of this one was going to be epic in my head but I’m really disappointed with how it turned out. The turquoise pattern is so pretty that I wanted to use a delicate doily shape to add the title, but the black is too dark and dominates. I always love a good collage of faces but wish I’d incorporated some turquoise on this page so that they felt like a combined spread – I have the perfect coloured washi tape! So the last couple of lists have made me think about how to make two pages work together even if they have completely different backgrounds.

List #14 I know I am getting older when

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 14

Eesh that’s a depressing list. I only finished this one yesterday which may account for the emphasis on hangovers. The list of films was inspired by this xkcd post on ‘Movie Ages’ which is guaranteed to make you feel old. I think Macaulay Culkin’s face says it all really.

Mostly a combination of paper and stickers, my favourite feature of this spread is that the neon paper I used to demonstrate the return of the neon trend is itself about 20 years old, from back when neon and tie-dye were in fashion the last time.

List #15 I know I am young at heart when

debbiedoesdoodles 30 Days of Lists spread 15

A slightly more upbeat subject! Although apologies for the rubbish photo… I used origami paper for the blue and white flowered background, which gives the page a lovely texture, with washi tape and patterned stickers for added colour – and to cover the mistakes! The ‘young’ lettering is American Crafts felt thickers in Playroom, the same letters as on the front page. The photos used for this list were both taken at Cairnie Fruit Farm in Cupar, Fife, from a weekend of adventures around St Andrews last October. So much fun.

I also had to change out my book rings this week! The 30mm silver rings that came with the book were just too small for the expanding pages – all the different textures, embellishments and thickers have added so much volume. I bought these green 38mm rings on eBay and now there’s so much more space to add even more stuff!

Thirty Days of Lists is a challenge to journal something every day to create a snapshot of your life over the course of a month. Click here to see all my posts on the subject and please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or tips for UK craft stockists. You can also keep up with my 30 Days of Lists activities via Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest.


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