Seven Days of Lists

One week in to 30 Days of Lists and it’s been great fun so far. I love thinking of exciting ways to present the lists, I love how thought-inspiring and challenging actually making the lists can be, and I love seeing what other people have come up with on Instagram, Flickr, or in the group forums.

This week I’ve put together the following spreads:

List #1 I am a lister because…

I went through every step of this layout at the beginning of the week, but in summary, it’s a combination of coloured paper, washi tape, transfer letters and a date stamp. Super simple.

List #2 Goals for this month

I opted for a monochrome and doodle-filled title page using black Sharpie, black washi tape, and white and black gel ink pens. The right hand page already had the lovely chevroned pattern so again I kept it simple with a paint sample-esque gradient of green coloured stickers, which provided a nice symmetry with the green peeking through from list 1. I’m intending to tick each item off the list as the month progresses but so far have only achieved the first – I completed the blog redesign on Monday!

List #3 My friends & family would describe me as…

I totally cheated here by actually asking my friends & family to describe me, and was very touched by their lovely responses. I went for a busy layout using patterned origami paper from Hobbycraft, washi tape, coloured stickers, printed-out text in A Song for Jennifer and Pacifico (my favourite font at the moment as demonstrated on the blog header!), transfer letters from my childhood, a very appropriate fortune cookie proverb, and the letter ‘D’ that came on a pack of washi tape some time ago. In hindsight after adding the long list of qualities provided by my father I wished I’d put the D further to the left to balance up the page, so added a small photo of myself a couple of days later.

List #4 When I need a ‘time out’

Is it just me for whom the expression ‘time out’ is mentally tied to Supernanny Jo Frost’s naughty step? My linking of these ideas meant I slightly misinterpreted this one, and rather than listing the activities I like to do to take a break, I imagined all the bad behaviour and grouchiness that would land me on the naughty step and what puts me in those moods. Hey, it’s my list, I can change it around! To fancy it up a bit I turned the circle cut out into a big clock, used black foam, coloured paper, Sticko Aristocrat black letters, print-outs of clocks and pale blue washi tape in a few different patterns.

List #5 Reasons to start _____________

The beginning of this week was marred by a lack of sleep and pounding headaches. So this one had to be ‘Reasons to start sleeping more‘. And that navy paper with white stars so reminded me of the night sky that it couldn’t have been anything else. For this very blue and night-time themed spread I used navy blue washi tape, a white gel ink pen and American Crafts vinyl thickers in Poolside White for the title, and added an insert to include a print-out of scientific reasons to get a full night’s sleep. On top of this I added a die cut card from a Portobello Road pack, another piece of navy card cut to match, and a printed label on which I wrote my own motivations.

List #6 Reasons to quit _____________

I probably should have chosen ‘drinking’ here but I wanted it to be realistic. So instead of quitting something, I decided to quit quitting! I rarely actually finish a project – the first page is a photo of a typography painting I’ve been doing for almost a year, and the index card insert lists the craft projects I’m in the middle of and the books I’ve started but haven’t finished.

I used washi tape on the craft part and cut-outs of books from the Edinburgh Book Festival programme for the book card. The keyboard-esque ‘QUITTING’ from the first page is font SW Gamekeys, with a little checkered sticker to write above. On the final page, I used some simple green card stripes, another brown tag, ‘TODAY IS’ stamp by Elise Blaha Cripe with a date stamp inside (I’ve been practising) and print-off using fonts A Love of Thunder and Bebas. The patterned paper is part of a SMASH pad which will definitely be featuring later in the book.

List #7 Midnight snacks

This was particularly tricky since not only am I Weight Watching at the moment, but I also decided to cut down my aspartame intake earlier this week – the artificial sweetener found in most diet or sugar free drinks and snacks. So I made a simple collage of zero points fruit and a yummy recipe for hot maple nectarines, with the same green card stripes from the day before and a date stamp on a pear!

And that brings us to today! Today’s task has me out and about but I’ll be sure to post details of this soon, as well as the next three weeks worth of 30 Days of Lists!

Thirty Days of Lists is a challenge to journal something every day to create a snapshot of your life over the course of a month. Click here to see all my posts on the subject and please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or tips for UK craft stockists. You can also keep up with my Thirty Days of Lists activities via Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest.

  1. Alex said:

    I really love all your lists!

    • Thanks Alex! Hopefully we’ll both manage to finish this book of lists, considering what we both included this week!

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