Kicking off 30 Days of Lists

It’s September! And you know what that means… yes, new calendars and ‘fall fashion’ and whatnot, but most impotantly, THIRTY DAYS OF LISTS HAS BEGUN!

I’ve been looking forward to this since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and posted about getting everything ready and then bought even more scrapbooking supplies that I just couldn’t live without even though I’m not really a scrapbooker… 30 Days of Lists is such a simple concept but is just what I need to kick my creativity up a gear.

debbiedoesdoodles | 30 Days of Lists spread1

So, it’s day 1 and list 1 is appropriately titled “I am a Lister because…”. I decided to answer this about listing in general, rather than why I’m taking part in 30 Days of Lists specifically. Hopefully the results of this listing habit will be self-evident at the end of the month. So for me, I am a lister because:

  • Lists prompt inspiration
  • I have great intentions to be organised
  • I am too easily distracted without a specific goal

SO I’m not planning to go through each day’s lists in such depth, but for the first one, here are the crafty details…

debbiedoesdoodles | 30 Days of Lists cover

I’m using a minibook by Elise Blaha Cripe, which is 4″ x 6″ and has a thick cardboard cover. I added plain green paper cut to shape by hand, and the blue polka dot die cut paper which is part of a Portobello Road pack sold at Hobbycraft. The ’30’ and ‘lists letters are American Crafts felt thickers in Playroom. I keep seeing thickers like this being used by crafty scrapbookers but they seem to be quite expensive to get hold of in the UK – in the end I found a cheap(ish) pack on eBay. I printed the ‘days of’ from photos of typewriter letters I found online, and backed them with card so they would be raised to the same thickness as the rest of the letters.

At that point I thought I’d finished, but after imagining that maybe I’d want to do this again next March, I decided to add the ‘September 2012’ detail. For this a small brown tag left over from moving house came handy (originally bought from Amazon) as well as some letter transfers from a couple of packs I bought as a young teenager from WHSmiths. They still have the old logo on and everything – I can’t believe how well they’ve aged (and what a restrained child I was!). There weren’t enough green letters in either of the different styles to do the whole of the label but I like the mixed up look of different fonts and shades of green. The red lines also came from those transfer packs.

debbiedoesdoodles | 30 Days of Lists spread1 title

For the inside I used the left over green paper that I’d cut out for the front of the book – I like that the shape is repeated on either side of the cover. Before sticking it down I added a couple of strips of patterned green washi tape. Again, some old letter transfer sheets from my childhood came in handy for this title – I have a feeling they’ll be cropping up throughout this book of lists!

debbiedoesdoodles | 30 Days of Lists spread1 page2

The patterned turquoise box is an Elise detail so I used this as my writing space. Initially I tried to date stamp directly onto the book but had some ink smudging issues and had to cover it with a coloured sticker! One day (not today) I will learn how to use a date stamp without having to try ten times and get ink all over my fingers and craft supplies…

And that’s it! List 1 done and dusted. I’ll be adding photos of the book of lists as it comes together to my Flickr (debbiedoesdoodles) and Instagram (DeborahZeborah) and expect to add the occasional post here when something is particularly inspiring – or I’m particularly proud of it. For more inspiration there’s also a Flickr group, and I’ll be pinning my and other people’s lists too.

It’s not too late to sign up for 30 Days of Lists and take part in this crafty online event – follow the link below or over on my sidebar.

Thirty Days of Lists is a challenge to journal something every day to create a snapshot of your life over the course of a month. Click here to see all my posts on the subject and please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or tips for UK craft stockists.

  1. Nice journal! I like the new blog look too 🙂

  2. Thanks paedorm! It’s a lot of fun putting it all together. The blog is going through something of a redesign, so thank you for your comments!

  3. I’m super excited about 30 Days of lists… its my first go around too! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with!

    • Hooray another newbie! I love the foundation pages you’ve put together – pinned your front cover!

  4. Ann said:

    You are so creative! I like how all the different elements came together so well.

  5. Wow I had letter transfers too when I was a kid! I’m pretty sure I still have them now but I’m too lazy to dig them up. Your 30 Days of Lists book and your blog look great!

    • Thanks Mrs Verdant Green! So glad I did dig up those letter transfers – found loads of books and old childhood treasures I’d forgotten about! What’s with kids and stickers?!

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