Five is the Magic Number

Weekly weigh-in number seven, and it turns out that five is the magic number. I lost 5lbs. In one week. And that quickly and unexpectedly brought me down to meet, even pass, my 5% goal.

I am so pleased to have achieved such weight loss in less than two months. I do feel like this is some kind of temporary glitch – like maybe the scales weren’t configured properly or I accidentally forgot to wear any clothes or I only had one foot on? And so next week I’m bound to go straight back up again. But fingers crossed that 5lbs is gone for good.

In the meeting afterwards we talked about what I did differently this last week, and to be honest I don’t know. Gaining last week, even a little bit, made me realise that weight loss takes a conscious effort, but this last week didn’t feel much like work. Ultimately I am less hungry, and my eating habits are changing. My fridge is stocked with zero point vegetables and fruit and my ‘treats’ drawer is all Weight Watchers bars and separately bagged biscuits – 2 Malted Milks per sandwich bag!

The annoying thing is that without any effort, as a consequence of the healthier dinners we’ve been eating in the last couple of months, James has lost half a stone. While continuing to eat chocolate and crisps, second portions of dinner, beer and Irn Bru… how do men do that?!

So now I have to revise my goals. I’m 1.5lb off my first stone, then I’ll be aiming for my 10%, and then thinking about what weight my final goal will be – the weight I want to stay at. For the short term though, my most pressing goal is to get into this dress within three weeks.


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