Superhero Stylings

debbiedoesdoodles | female superheroes

Inspired by the updated wardrobes for Disney Princesses by Sidney Emerson on Polyvore, I’ve created some outfit ideas to emulate superheros in every day life. Every item below is currently available on the British high street, and most of the time at reasonable prices too. So now, you can be Wonder Woman at work, She-Ra at the supermarket, or Rogue at the railway station.

debbiedoesdoodles | Supergirl

debbiedoesdoodles | Catwoman

debbiedoesdoodles | Wonder Woman

debbiedoesdoodles | Silk Spectre

debbiedoesdoodles | She Ra Princess of Power

debbiedoesdoodles | Rogue

Click through to visit the outfits on Polyvore for details of each individual item and where they’re stocked in the UK.

Polyvore is a super handy tool for creating mock-ups like this – this was my first time using it but it’s so intuitive and the range of items already in the catalogue is pretty vast. You can also add to this range using a handy bookmarklet to save products to your profile, and there are a whole range of additional embellishments for creating a set including backgrounds and frames. Maybe see you over there!

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  1. Nicky said:

    Nice! Could u do more superheroines plz? 🙂

    • debbiedoesdoodles said:

      Thanks Nicky! I had been thinking about doing some more… check back on the blog nearer the end of the week! OR subscribe by email and you could also enter yesterday’s giveaway!

  2. aideebrooke said:

    Ha, cat panies

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