A Virtual Makeover

This is the pre-makeover ‘before’ screenshot – if it were possible it would be shot in dim lighting with a solemn expression, dull clothes and greasy hair. Just you wait for the ‘after’ set-up!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I mused about adding an interesting header to this (pretty dull looking) blog and while it may seem like nothing has changed since then, this is all a giant ruse to build the phenomenal anticipation of what will be debbiedoesdoodles 2.0. Honest. Nothing to do with being too busy working and socialising and the like. My blog dedication is unwavering.

SO header ideas are currently looking like this:

I’ve also been thinking about emphasising the different subject categories on the sidebar, because at the moment this blog seems to cover a zillion different subjects. And with freakishly good timing, Katrina from Pugly Pixel has guest written a post over at A Beautiful Mess all about adding clickable images to blog sidebars. She’s even provided instructions especially for WordPress.

But with that comes even more indecisiveness. I decided to sketch up some ideas and ended up with the following FOUR different things. Seriously it’s ridiculous. I will never make decisions.

#1 seems to be a really popular style on blogs nowadays, using images to represent a category. I tried it with a few categories that really lent themselves to this but think I would struggle with images for some others, such as ‘Moans and Objections’ or ‘Wise Words’.

#2 is scanned in images of washi tape, with overlayed category titles in Lobster. I caught the washi tape bug a few months ago and use it very regularly to spruce up pretty much everything (including these clipboard pinboards I wrote about a couple of weeks ago!)

#3 uses this Embossed Label Generator by fuzzimo, a free online tool which generates a jpg of an embossed label from text you input. I manipulated the colours in Photoshop afterwards for more vibrant shades and I love the retro feel which takes me right back to my childhood, but I’m not sure this is quite my style – having said that I’ll definitely be using this for overlayed photo captions or craft projects in future.

#4 is intended as an imitation of a paint sample card (seriously what do we call these in the UK? I want to say ‘paint chip’ but that just doesn’t sound British. Paint colour cards?) I overlayed category titles in font Simply Chalky, which I guess could be filled white. I imagined I could switch up the colours each month depending on my mood and colour trends.

Any ideas, sporadic readers? I am leaning towards the washi…


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