Why I’m glad to have gained

Last week, I missed my weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in (wow, the alliteration). And it’s amazing what a difference missing that one brief meeting made to my whole outlook over the week. I went running, but I didn’t track my eating and I didn’t weigh a single thing. I told myself that I was still making sensible choices, but most of the time I was kidding myself.

SO last night was the moment of truth. And when I stepped up to the scales, I discovered that I’d only gained half a pound. It could have been a lot more. But it should have been a lot less. When focussed, I’d been losing an average of 2lbs a week. I’ve been enjoying sharing that news each Tuesday or Wednesday with James, friends, family, workmates, blog readers, or anyone in the street who paused for too long. I don’t like telling people I’m going the other way.

So, I’d rather have lost this week. But at the same time, I’m glad that I gained. Because I haven’t worked at it for the last fortnight. If I had lost this week, I might have continued kidding myself. But gaining weight has been the slapped wrist that I needed to drive home the reality that if I don’t make the effort, I don’t lose.

For a little perspective, we had a stand-in leader this week who seems to be famous amongst the slimmers’ community around Leith and Portobello. Famous because she went away for a one week holiday, exercised and made sensible eating choices, yet still returned to the UK only to discover she’d gained a shocking 19lbs in one week alone. Compared to that my half a pound seems really quite insignificant.

I weighed and then tracked my breakfast this morning. I think I’m back in business.

PS. I can’t believe that just one day after I posted a round-up of cool font-related stories, Design Milk publish this brilliant series of illustrations by Matthew Olin personifying various typefaces as superheroes. I love them all, but especially the Flash. Weird that when I think of this, I can’t stop picturing Dr Sheldon Cooper though.


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