Planning a nautical party

Former flatmate Chris has joined the navy. He’s leaving Edinburgh at the end of September for a life on the ocean waves. Selfishly, I am pretty sad about this, because in the last couple of years most of my close friends have been fleeing this city like the rats in a tunnel from the film Daylight.

But naturally, I want to throw him a party. I LOVE a themed party. Particularly the decorations. One day I will have to devote a blog post to themed parties I’ve organised in the past… it’d be a long post. It’s a convenient theme; the nautical look has been in fashion far longer than your average trend seems to last, and there’s always the option of adding a pirate element in there for increased costume versatility.

I have four weeks to get together an invite, a flat’s worth of decorations, and a costume. As a starting point the internet has provided a whole host of sailor themed ideas, and sure, most are for children’s parties, but it’s all about being young at heart… honest!

1) Blue check and anchor bunting from Daisy Jaynes Boutique, 2) red, blue and pirate bunting from Sew Unique Crafts, 3) Royal British Navy recruitment poster, 4) Walk The Plank game seen on the fickle pickle, 5) pirate party on a stick available via Etsy from Jennifer Elliott, 6) and 8) anchor and navigation bar designs by JC Desevre, 7) treasure chest seen on Party Frosting, 9) waves trim and boat cupcakes on At Home with Kim Vallee, 10) ‘AHOY’ design by Letterpress (alas, no longer available on Etsy)


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