A week with Laura

Laura has left the building. And the country.

The last week has been a whirlwind of fun. I have done the following things, in no particular order:

  • Laughed so hard that I almost peed thanks to Dead Cat Bounce at the Pleasance Courtyard and the comedy ingeniousness of their ludicrous lyrics.
  • Ate late night savoury crepes at the Gilded Balloon garden.
  • Heard a very funny story about a friend’s friend accidentally pooing on their dog.
  • Tried to book cinema tickets by shouting “BATMAN” at Cineworld’s automated phone service.
  • Cut pizza with scissors.
  • Marvelled at Piff the Magic Dragon and his ability to both a) select clueless magician’s assistants and b) do really cool comedy magic.
  • Not won the lottery (despite trying).
  • Drank Jägerbombs in a yurt.
  • Loved The Dark Knight Rises, so so much.
  • Drank ‘sex in a bucket’ out of a bright red sandcastle shaped beach bucket.
  • Loved Joseph Gordon Levitt’s face, so so much.
  • Finally took advantage of our ‘perfect for barbecues’ terrace by actually having a barbecue on our terrace.
  • Reconnected with long-lost friends.
  • Accidentally slept in till 9am on a week day.
  • Enjoyed one of former flatmate Chris’s excellent hangover fry-ups.
  • Watched the second half of Stalker with James without falling asleep.
  • Fell off the Weight Watchers wagon and missed my first meeting.
  • Cleared up a mountain of wrappers after the aforementioned Chris and Laura demolished almost the entirety of our naughty snack drawer, even the Weight Watchers goodies, in one night.
  • Ordered a giant bean bag.
  • Missed the ‘celebrity’ toilets in Cineworld Fountainbridge, I used to love pretending to be Emma Thompson or Julia Roberts while peeing.
  • Drank a lot of rum.
  • Managed to only take four photos on a night out, all of the exact same thing.
  • Worn a Pacman inspired necklace created by Laura
  • Rooted for methylamine train robbers.
  • Felt so happy about rekindling the epic bond between the brilliant friends known as Team Omega, and then sad at the realisation that the Edinburgh reunion was temporary.

So now I’m loving being quiet and relaxing in my flat just James and I, but I’m looking forward to the next Laura visit and the inevitable whirlwind of activity and excitement.


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