Keeping up going down

As modern day poet Shawn Corey Carter once so eloquently expressed, “Can I get a woop woop”

Week four of my healthy eating expedition and at last night’s weigh in I was down another pound and a half. This puts me at 8lbs lost so far, at a pretty healthy average of 2lbs a week. My first silver seven is now proudly affixed to the front of my book and I’m back to the weight I was two years ago, the last time I decided to start Weight Watchers. Still some way to go but I’m feeling good about this.

Yesterday I was sent a link to a video in which I’m being interviewed at a conference. It was filmed in May and I first saw it in early July. Then, it prompted me to get off my arse and do something about not just my weight, but all the other things I’ve never started, never finished, or never really committed to.


Making some of those changes is also what prompted me to start a blog and explore new ideas.

So I watched the video yesterday and was pleased to see that I’ve changed already. My face looks more like me now. I have some cheekbones. And a chin is emerging. One day I’ll show people my before and after photos and they’ll gasp and say “wow, what a difference” and I will smile, pause for dramatic effect, and say “can I get a woop woop”?!


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