These are a few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things which make home feel like home…

Magritte’s Empire of Light hangs in the living room, huge blue mugs bought from Poundland but have lasted forever, red teapot for two which has also been around forever, string of elephants given to me by my sister Jo and hanging off one of the many curtain rails in the living room, Captain America postcard in a bright red frame given to James by his sister last Christmas, train station style clock from Debenhams, mini topiary in need of watering from Ikea, Popsicle tin sign hanging in the kitchen, one of many BILLY bookcases from Ikea around the living room, filled with books – this one all graphic novels and reference books, one of two MALIN LÖV cushion from Ikea which rest on the sofas, James doorstop, little yellow rubber ducky which first swam in a bowl of punch at a flat party a few years ago and now sits in the bathroom looking pretty.

Now I must tidy up and take some real photos of everything living where it lives!

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