I recently stumbled across Screenfunk, which offers “insanely great wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad”. There’s a great combination of bold text, animated graphics, and subtle patterns, available to download for free.

I love the bold designs of ‘Spaceman‘ by Lianne Lee Flang and ‘Bicycle Man‘ by Marco Recuero. The falling astronaut currently features as my lock screen – it makes me smile every time I see it but I’m not sure why, because in reality that spaceman is without a tether, likely drifting in space, running out of oxygen.

Spaceman   Bicycle Man

For a desktop background though I prefer more subtle geometric shapes or patterns – I love the appearance of colourful iPhone icons so my first screen is just apps – no folders. I’m currently using ‘A quiet raft‘ by Michael Latimer (below left), it’s got great texture and clean lines but doesn’t shout about it. His illustrations are some of my favourites, like the topographic ‘Floatation003‘ (below right). He sells prints of his work online – I may be tempted when I’m feeling flusher.

A quiet raft   Floatation003

A few other favourites: ‘Figuras‘ and ‘Mandala Occidental‘ by Missa Kanin, ‘Flower Power‘ by Deniz Tekkul and ‘Deer‘ by a user going by Jack516.




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