Moving In

A new blog requires decisions about identity, content, style, and perspective. And of course these things are important, especially if I ever expect anyone to actually read this thing. But I’m hoping most of those choices will come over time as I start to write and post things and get an idea of what works for me. Is this a place to share exciting and interesting things I find and like, to philosophise on life, share titbits from my own day to day, to add my own voice and opinions to the already teeming community that is the hugely expansive Internet…? I should probably have figured these things out as Step Number One, but I didn’t. Instead, I started thinking about what it will look like.

I hate moving house. I hate sorting, packing, and cleaning, I hate lifting boxes that are too heavy for me. I hate remembering that loving books has a serious downside. I hate moving in and realising that there isn’t in fact a space for everything and that even though you through away loads of things before you moved, it still wasn’t enough. BUT I love figuring out how things will look. How I’ll rearrange the furniture to create a space that is perfect for me, where I’ll hang my own pictures in place of the neutral abstract pastel creations that typically adorn rented flats, whether I can add a hanging star or a multicoloured elephant to make a place just me.

The great thing with this blog is, if I change a colour or layout I don’t have to strain my back lifting a sofa or try out a million tester pots. So I have a feeling that before I add anything of any value whatsoever to the world online (let’s face it, if ever), I’m going to spend a long long time clicking through the gazillion themes offered by WordPress and trying out every single colour combination possible.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful web log…

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